Internationalize Your Life: The Easiest, Smartest First Step

The simplest going-offshore step is moving some of your money to another jurisdiction–specifically, for example, setting up a bank account in another country. This is standard operating procedure if you live in a country like Argentina where crisis is the norm. Following the financial crisis at the end of 2001, when Argentina dropped the artificial peg between its peso and the U.S. dollar, the country went into tailspin. All accounts in all banks in the country were converted into peso accounts overnight. Maybe they were dollar accounts the day before, but now they were denominated in pesos. And the peso went from 1 to 1 (where it had been pegged) to 4 to 1 overnight…meaning that everyone woke up the next day with 75% less money in their accounts in dollar terms. Continue reading

Real Estate Around The World

Investing in real estate has become popular around the world as real estate prices have soared in most places in the last 10 years.  Small talk on the golf course or the hair salon now includes discussions of condos in foreign countries and terms like pre-construction and off-plan.  Most people think investing in real estate outside of their home country is either too complicated or worse they think it is no different than buying property at home. Continue reading

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